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Trains will run with state-of-the-art technology with Artificial Intelligence : AM (Signal) & (Telecom)(L/A)

रेलवे में आने वाला भविष्य एसएंडटी का होगा, मिलेगा हार्डशिप व रिस्क अलाउंस : एएम सिग्नल
  • National Safety Video Conference of Indian Railway S&T Maintainers’ Union concluded
  • The employees of Signal and Telecom Department will definitely get Risk and Hardship allowance: AM (Signal) and (Telecom) ( L/A)

New delhi. On 29.09.2020, a “National Safety Video Conference” was organized on by “Indian Railways S& T Maintainers’ Union” (IRSTMU) in which 602 S&T staffs from all the zones and divisions of Indian Railways across the country participated. Honorable AM ​​(Signal) and AM (Tele) (L/A) Mr. Rajiv Sharma Sir was the Chief Guest of this virtual conference. He addressed the conference for about an hour and with the entire process of making Indian Railways state of the art with Artificial Intelligence. Giving complete information about the state-of-the-art equipment that has been installed and being installed across the country, Shri Sharma sir said that 2000 stations have been equipped with electronic interlocking in Indian Railways till now. Giving detailed information about where the Central Traffic Traffic Control System (CTS) is going to be installed in the coming future. The trains will run automatically in the coming time and the drivers will only sit and monitor. A new era for S&T department will start very soon.

Trains will run with state-of-the-art technology with Artificial Intelligence : AM (Signal) & (Telecom)(L/A)Significantly, Rajiv Sharma is a 1981 batch IRSSE. Rajeev Sharma of Western Railway cadre started his career with Western Railway and installed many of the latest technologies in Indian Railways which are still operating even after 35 years with the same success in which AWS (Auxiliary Warning System) played a vital role. Even today, Western Railway and Central Railway are making significant contribution to save Mumbai from accident with the help of AWS. He informed about the European train control system (ETCS) which has been already installed in Delhi-Mathura section and also said that the development of the Indian train system is going on and said that it is in use in Southern Railway. Giving further information, he said that in a couple of years, the signaling system of the Indian Railways will be fully state-of-the-art and the expansion of the only Central Train System (CTS). Very soon India will have a total installation of about 30 CTS in the entire Indian Railways. It has been so that 30 to 35 stations can be given signals from one CTS and there will be no scope for human error.

Trains will run with state-of-the-art technology with Artificial Intelligence : AM (Signal) & (Telecom)(L/A)Speaking on safety, he said that safety is a culture. Very soon all mechanical interlocking stations in India, will be replaced with electronic interlocking but to strengthen the safety, modern equipments are being installed which will eliminate the thing called accident from railways. Along with this, we are moving from the place of Protective Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance. Its experimental proto type has been installed at Vrindavan station where a sensor is installed in the location boxes which continuously sending data to Amazon Cloud which is connected to the laptop in the relay room. As soon as an equipment malfunction occurs, a message is generated and sent to the signal engineers and technician, and the equipment is repaired before it fails.

Alok Chandra Prakash, general secretary of the Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union, said that on November 28, 2018, Shri Rajiv Sharma Sir resumed the post of AM (SIGNAL) and on the same day he issued a letter to all zones of Indian Railways seeking details for grant of risk and hardship allowance to the signal and telecom employees. Further the honorable AM ​​(Signal) and (Tele) Shri Rajiv Sharma Sir informed that the employees of Signal and Telecom Department will definitely get risk and hardship allowance. Naveen Kumar, National President of IRSTMU thanked the honorable AM ​​(Signal) and (Tele) Shri Rajiv Sharma Sir for connecting with the employees working at the ground level through video conferencing.

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