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WR commissions Surat Udhna third line

WR commissions Surat Udhna third line

Western Railway (WR), on Monday, said it had successfully commissioned a third line between Surat and Udhna for passenger and goods traffic.

The work consisted of an additional 3rd line of 2 km between Surat and Udhna along with electrification work and Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) at Surat yard [Udhna is a junction station two kilometres south of Surat from where a line towards Jalgaon veers away.

With this, segregation of main line traffic ( Surat Mumbai) and Udhna – Jalgaon line traffic has been achieved.

The new line would enable direct reception and  diversion of trains to and from Jalgaon section, without affecting the flow of trains along the Surat – Mumbai main line thus improving punctuality of trains

Heavy traffic

Due to heavy traffic on the Surat – Mumbai main line section, punctuality of Jalgaon bound trains were getting affected between Surat and Udhna. This congestion also had an adverse impact on the main line traffic towards Mumbai.

The congestion between Surat -Udhna stations has increased due to heavy passenger and goods traffic bound for both Mumbai and Jalgaon. The doubling of the Udhna – Jalgaon section further amplified passenger and goods traffic.

To mitigate these delays and enhance passenger and goods movement, construction of a third line between Surat and Udhna was undertaken.

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