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SECR : Passenger train dashed a Goods train

SECR : Passenger train dashed a Goods train

TIME: 01.20 HRS.

Brief Details:

Goods train FOU/SAIN/SNF
LOCO No. 41083
GDM Dep: 00.58
Passenger Train 20843, BHAGAT KI KOTHI.

GDM Dep: 01.08 HRS.
Dashed AT KM-995/17
Between GDM-G (UP/LINE)
Resulting in COACH No. 217766 (7th from Engine) front trolley all 4 wheels derailed
ARME/ART ordered Ex-Gondia & ITR

SPART Gondia left at 02:25 hrs
SPART Gondia site arrival 02:35 hrs
Rerailment completed at 4:31 hrs

Details of Incident:

Goods train Fou/Sain stopped at automatic signal 147 (in red condition).

Train 20843 stopped at A/S 149 due to signal in danger aspect. After waiting for 2 minutes LP started the train as per rule with cautious speed.

While passing on cautious speed train 20843 engine dashed with brake van of goods train stopped at signal A/S 147 (danger aspect).

Prima facie cause:

LP could not control the train after passing A/S 149 in red aspect.

He applied an emergency brake on approach of goods FOU/SAIN, but could not avoid dashing with brake van of goods FOU/SAIN.

As per Guard of goods train and LP of passenger train, speed of train 20843 was cautious (slow speed), which was also confirmed by PWI/DGG who was footplating.

LP of 20843, could not see the brake van clearly and on seeing the brake van of goods train immediately applied emergency brake, But the Engine of 20843 dashed at very slow speed with brake van of goods train.

Details of LP:
Name: V K Senapati
date of appointment: 23/8/1989
Date of PME due : 10/2/2023
Date of refresher due : 20/9/2024.

Another message:

Train No. 20843
Loco No. 37035/BIA
Load – 22 Coaches
LP – P K Senapati/BSP
ALP – Goutam Kumar/BSP
DOP – 02.10.2012
Last Counselling- 23.07.22
G/CLI – S K Das
Grade – A
Section – GDM-G,
Sch – TI Done 03/07/22,

Occurance – Derailment

01.05 hrs – Train GDM arrival
01.08 hrs – Train GDM departure.

Train stopped at Auto signal no. A/S- 149 due to signal danger from 01.14 hrs to 01.16 hrs.

01.20 hrs – Train dashed with brake van of Train no. FOU/SNF, stopped at A/S-147 due to signal danger from 01.12 hrs for following goods train ahead.

1) PJPB-GDM departure at 0.20 hrs, G arrived at 01.10 hrs.
2) PMAM-GDM departure at 0.45 hrs, G arrived at 01.28 hrs.

01.33 hrs – FIR by Board Controller that train derailed between GDM-G, On contact with LP, he informed that after passing A-149 danger, Loco dashed with brake van of FOU/SNF at Km No. 995/17 due to tail lamp not visibal. On checking front trolley of S-3 coach (7th from loco) all four wheels derailed.

01.42 hrs- Hooter sounded of Control room and ART, ARME ordered from Gondia and ITR.

02.20hrs SPART departure from ITR
02.24hrs ARME Gondia departure
02.34hrs ARME site arrival.

Verbal Message Received Thru NGP Divn Control at 02:10 hrs.

GDM-G Block Section
BIG Section DURG-G
Electrified Section
Auto Signaling Section
Double Line Section

Update: Inspection Special to Accident Site (NGP Divn GDM-G)


Inspection Special ExBSP, Dep PF No. 1 at 4 RA Placement done at 04:00 Hrs. on PF-1 & EOT at 04.25 Hrs.

SLR attached at 04:42.
Final Departure at 04:55  Hrs.


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