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Safety Conference at the time of COVID-19 epidemic is Good initiative : Senior DSTE

Safety Conference at the time of COVID-19 epidemic is Good initiative : Senior DSTE

Tiruchirappalli. On the occasion of 74th Independence Day on 15th August, 2020 “Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union” (IRSTMU) was organized a “Divisional Safety Video Conference” for the S&T Staffs of Tiruchirappalli Division. The SR.DSTE Shri Mahender Molumuri Sir was the Chief Guest to this “Divisional Safety Video Conference”. The SR. DSTE appreciated the initiative taken by Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union to organize a Divisional Safety Video Conference in this COVID-19 Pandemic. He also explained the need of IRSTMU to work for S&T staffs. He explained what the steps were taken during this COVID-19 Pandemic for the staffs of Tiruchirappalli Division, Southern Railways.

Staff Amenities during Covid

a) As a measure to prevent spread of Covid-19 at S&T work places /sites, a COVID-19 cell has been created at S&T /test room TPJ since 16.06.20 under the head of ADSTE/TPJ, assisted by SSE/S/Test room and SSE/T/Control/TPJ. The COVID-19 cell is coordinating with all the S&T staff regarding the issues faced by Covid-19.
b) Hand sanitizers are made available to all S&T staff deputed for duty over the TPJ division. Liquid hand wash 24kg collected from GSD/GOC and distributed to S&T staff over the division.
c) Soap, water and washing facilities are made available at the work places of S&T men. Sample soap 500 Nos. Collected from GSD/GOC and distributed to S&T staff over TPJ division.

Sr.DSTE has also explained the work done during 2019-20 in Tiruchirappalli Division.
Staff Amenities during 2019-20 FY in TPJ division

1. Timely promotions were given to 50 Nos (11% of actual strength) of all eligible employees.
2. 11 WIM posts added in S&T/TPJ division book of sanction as Tech-I/Tele.
3. 44 Nos of Asst. (S&T) posted to section. 8 Nos of staff transferred from division on IRT/IDT.
4. 38 Nos of App. Tech.Gr.III (S&T) posted to section.
5. Taken initiative to grant Quarterly individual award for best maintained stations by DRM to boost the morale of staff since JAN 2018.
6. 16 Nos. of executive chairs with high back facility and 7 computers provided for office staff at Sr. DSTE/TPJ office by using CN funds
7. All the open line staff have been provided with Safety jackets, Safety Shoes, Safety tools, Measuring instruments, torch Lights etc.

Safety Conference at the time of COVID-19 epidemic is Good initiative : Senior DSTE

This Divisional Safety Video Conference is conducted by Shri Alok Chandra Prakash, Founder and General Secretary of Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union (IRSTMU). He asked to talk on the phone only after making distance from the running railway line. He also explained the work done by IRSTMU after it’s formation. He explained that the change in colour code of dress of S&T staffs is the victory of Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union only.

The then Director General, Shri Akhil Agrawal was played an important role who gave priority to our demand and passed the resolution in the Signal agenda in the Conference of PCSTE organized at Kochi on 18th and 19th May, 2018. The National President Shri Navin Kumar has explained the then SR.DSTE Chakradharpur Shri Hem Raj Meena Sir has also played an important role to change the colour code of dress of S&T staffs and he issued the guidelines in this regards on 3rd April, 2018 through out Indian Railways. This is the victory of Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union.

Shri Prabodh Srivastav expressed his concern about recent processe started by the Railway Board to merge different categories of different departments of Indian Railways. He thanked the General Secretary, Shri Alok Chandra Prakash ji for wonderful explanation for creation of separate department with new responsibilities and based on Artificial Intelligence: “Information and Communication Technology Department” (ICT Department) instead of merging Telecom Department to any other department like C&W or Engineering department.

Sumer Singh asked to form Divisional Executive Committee of IRSTMU in Tiruchirappalli Division. Ravi Ranjan asked requirements of S&T staffs of Tiruchirappalli Division. Mehboob Sandhi, National Treasurer, IRSTMU asked to take the membership of IRSTMU. Shri Santosh Chaudhary asked that in the history of Southern Railways this is the first time that any organization is organizing this type of Divisional Safety Video Conference. National Executive Committee of IRSTMU has also participated in this conference.

Safety Conference at the time of COVID-19 epidemic is Good initiative : Senior DSTE

First letter for the change of colour code of dress of S&T staffs of Indian Railways with the reference of letter of Indian Railways S&T Maintainers’ Union

Shri Revati Raman from Delhi, Shri Bhuvnesh Tripathi from Kota, Shri Ram Badan from Lucknow, Shri Jagdish Beniwal from Bikaner, Shri B. L. Meena from Agra, Shri Prasant Chauhan from Abu Road, Shri M. Ganesh from Chennai, Shri Abhishek Dubey from Allahabad has participated. Shri K. Subramani, Shri Senthil, Shri Saji T, Shri Amar Hansda, Shri Anto Bastin, Shri Anbu Ilan, Shri Arvind Raj, Shri Pankaj Kumar, Shri Ramesh Kumar, Shri Saraswati, Ramawatar Meena, Shri D. Pathika, Shri Jyoti Mala, Shri Kumar, Shri Magheswari, Shri Chockalingam, Shri Sadikul Mandal, Shri Rinku Meena, Shri Ranveer kumar raman, Shri Ramesh VM, Shri Sanjay, Shri Tibuvan Marandi, Shri Veera Kumar, Shri Vipin Kumar are the main participants of this Divisional Safety Video Conference.

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