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रेलवे यूनियन

चक्रधरपुर : रेलवे बोर्ड बोल रहा 09 घंटे की ड्यूटी, बिना भोजन-पानी के 11 से 12 घंटे ड्यूटी कर रहे ड्राइवर

चक्रधरपुर : रेलवे बोर्ड बोल रहा 09 घंटे की ड्यूटी, बिना भोजन-पानी के 11 से 12 घंटे ड्यूटी कर रहे ड्राइवर
डांगुवापोसी में जीएम से मिलते AILRSA के नेता
  • SER/GM को AILRSA/DPS ने मांग पत्र सौंपकर रेलवे बोर्ड के प्रावधानों का लागू करने का किया अनुरोध 
  • चक्रधरपुर रेलमंडल के डीपीएस DPD क्रू के लोको रनिंग स्टाफ की शिकायतों को जीएम के सामने रखा 

CHAKRADHARPUR. SER जीएम अनिल कुमार मिश्रा के रेलमंडल दौरे के क्रम में 6 सितंबर 2023 को डांगुवापोसी में ऑल इंडिया लोको रनिंग स्टॉफ एसोसिएशन AILRSA/DPS के पदाधिकारियों ने उनसे बात की और 16 सूत्री मांग पत्र सौंपकर रनिंग कर्मचारियों को होने वाली परेशानियों से अवगत कराया. इस क्रम में ब्रांच सचिव कॉम कुमार नचिकेता, कॉम मनीष कुमार और कॉम ललन प्रसाद ने जीएम से बात की.

AILRSA/DPS के नेताओं ने जीएम को बताया कि रेलवे बोर्ड ने 24.04.2023 को सभी जोनों को जारी आदेश में स्पष्ट किया है कि रनिंग कर्मचारियों की एक स्ट्रेच पर ड्यूटी ‘साइन ऑन’ से ‘साइन ऑफ’ तक 9 घंटे से अधिक नहीं होनी चाहिए. लेकिन प्रमुख अनुभागों में चालक दल को उचित स्थानों पर पानी और भोजन के बिना 11 से 12 घंटे या उससे भी अधिक समय तक ड्यूटी करनी पड़ रही है.

परिणाम यह हो रहा है कि साइन ऑन से लेकर साइन ऑफ तक कुल ड्यूटी घंटे बढ़कर 14 से 16 घंटे हो जा रहे. उन्होंने जीएम से अनुरोध किया कि यह   सीएमएस रिकॉर्ड से क्रॉस चेक किया जा सकता है. यह पूरी तरह से अवैध, अमानवीय और असंवैधानिक है जिसके परिणामस्वरूप हाल के दिनों में गंभीर  घटनाएं हो रही है, इसे तत्काल रोकने की जरूरत है.

AILRSA/DPS नेताओं ने जीएम को 16 सूत्री मांग पत्र सौंपा और पूरी स्थिति स्पष्ट की.

AILRSA/DPS द्वारा GM/SER को दिये गये पत्र की प्रति 

1. Shunting Mileage & Ghat section Mileage:- Additional Ghat section mileage and shunting mileage, if Crew perform shunting in sections will be admissible, as per note-(c) of the above referred- (i) Letter. As per par 3 (i) of RB Let. No. E(P&A) II-82./RS-2, dt. 07.06.1982, “When the main line Crew is utilised for shunting duty at the terminals, which is proceded by or followed by train working, such Shunting duty shall be paid for at the rate of 15 kms per hours”. If Crew working DPS – JRLI Section then Shunting en-route is not given automatically in CMS. At outstation Lobby JRLI, CMS operator refuses to feed by manual data entry. Necessary orders may please be issued to ensure shunting Mileage to DPS Crew and Guards. Ghat section mileage also not fed in the CMS route which may please be rectified.

2. Amalgamation of UP and DN route in to one:- As per later under reference- (i) working of goods shed/siding has been defined route as:-

S.No. Route Eligible K.M. Given K.M.
5. DPS – BYX 120 0
6. BYX – DPS 120 120
7. DPS – GX 120 0
8. GX – DPS 120 120

Now during the manual data entry in CMS serial number- 5. and 6. are amalgamated and only 120 km is given in place of two separate route i.e. 120 + 120 = 240 km. Serial number- 7. and 8. also amalgamated into one and 120 km has been given in place of 120 + 120 = 240 km during manual data entry resulted huge mileage loss to DPS Crew and Guard.

3. EOL or Fix Mileage System:- That Sir, quantam of National Average Monthly Mileage is 5100 KM. In order to achieve this, there was a well established mileage system adopted previously comprising of actual mileage + Ghat mileage excluding shunting mileage such as:-

  • DPS – GX – DPS = 342 Km
  • DPS – BBN – DPS = 252 Km
  • DPS – BYX – DPS = 292 Km
  • DPS – BJMD – DPS = 202 Km
  • DPS – BSPX – DPS = 172 Km
  • DPS – JRLI – DPS = 192 Km

This mileage system was a displaced by earlier EOL Milleage system i.e. computed such as minimum guaranteed Mileage, Shunting Mileage for placement, drawn-out, marshalling & GDR and Siding Mileage (i.e. 120+30+50) excluding Ghat section Mileage. And 20Km/hr in DPS area as per letter No. under reference (ii), Only 120 minimum guaranteed KM as per Letter number under reference (i) creating huge financial loss to DPS Crew who is residing in remote area facing hardship of life facilities. Either Fix Milleage System or EOL Milleage System may please be restored.

4. Long Hours Duty of Running Staff:- Vide notes recorded during the Sr.DOMs and Sr.DEE(OP)s conference held in GMs meeting room on 17-05-2019 para 1.1.1 it has been stated that SER not issued any establishment serial towards implementation of RBE 143/2016 and issued own JPO No.- T39/JPO/CREW/19, Dated- 11.06.2019 for 12 hours duty by violating RBE 143/2016 as well as already published SER establishment serial No.- 169/2016. So not implementation of RBE 143/2016 is nothing but denial of very spirit of board’s order & principle. Vide recent R B Let. No.- 2007/elect.(TRS)/225/7, Dated- 24.04.2023, Railway board now asking to all Zones that “the duty at a stretch (from’sign on’ to ‘sign off’) for the Running staff, should not exceed 9 hours”. Now a days in major sections crew have to perform 11 to 12 hours of duty and even more at any cost without having water and food at proper places. Now resulting which, more often than not, the total duty hours is getting increased to 14 to 16 hours from sign on to sign off. (can be crossed check from CMS record) which is totally illegal, inhuman and unconstitutional resulting serious disaster in the recent past which needs your intervention to stop such practice.

5. Curtailment of OT Hours at Divisional level:- It is ironical to represent that the paid amount of OT allowances  arrears for the various spells in the financial year 2021-22 & 2022-23 is very less than the actual amount payable to us in terms of the existing OT rates and hours of duty as reckeoned by us as saved in CMS database which seems to be edited or curtailed for the purpose of  OT allowances payment curtailing un-authorisedly which is part of our pay emolument for performing duty beyond our duty hours  as denied  to get our legitimate claim which is not reasoned one as gross injustice with the Crew of CKP division as toiling hard.

6.Sanctioning of HRA:- According to the staff strength and eligibility, Railway quarters are not available in this remote area affecting to get proper rest by running staff. In contrary payment of HRA is not sanctioned timely (almost for 8 months) for the newcomer ALPs and transferred or promoted Sr ALP or LP(G) Although the gross Rly earning are based on commuting iron ore from this section the housing facility is not available in remote areas like JRLI & DPS as basic amenity for staff as per ratio. Order may please be issued for timely sanction of HRA to compensate the staff and accommodation to new ALP, LP(G) at JRLI and DPS as a major factor of staff welfare.

7. Railway Quarter:- DPS is a remote sliding area in the CKP division. A number of LP(G), ALP and TMs are posted here and private rented accommodations are not available in respect of Running staff posted  here. So sufficient number of railway quarters in RSO pool may please be provided on priority for hassle free Running duty to ensure proper rest & safe working.

8. Track condition & GDR Path:- Sir, the condition of P.Way track is poor in the siding area. Mud and water accumulated on the track in the rainy season due to water logging in yards. Situation becomes more worse to conduct GDR in the absence of GDR path. So GDR path and proper lighting arrangement may please be provided to facilitate the Crew and Guard for safe working and to conduct GDR check.

9. Promotional posting/ New posting:- Sir, each promotional posting of LP(G) and new posting of ALP to be done at siding area like JRLI/DPS to gain driving experience as well as to maintain rotational own request transfer. Some promotional posting/ new posting had been done at mainline which is cause of resentment of DPS Crew.

10. Own request transfer:- Sir, LP & ALP are stationed at DPS for more than 7 years and waiting for own request transfer to main line. This opportunity may please be provided by promotional posting at DPS/JRLI.

11. Quality of Subsidise meal in Running Room:- The quality of subsidized meal in running rooms specially in JMTC and JRLI is not standerdised as much as unhygienic, tasteless violating Railway board’s guidelines by the contractor concerned  which result the health hazards of Running Staff even if personal ration is given which is not properly cooked within the specified time for lack of  trained Cook  of contractor in respect of occupation of Running Staff in that particular Running Room.

12.Permanent Relieving duty at TATA/ADTP without milleage:- That Sir, a short cut method had been adopted in CKP division to control OT allowance without transferring the Crew. Relieving duty had been done at TATA/ADTP by DPS/JRLI Crew for almost 2 years in regulapr basis without payment of relieving milleage. Relieving duty is a temporary arrangement and not for permanent It is injustice to the senior candidates who deserve the right of permanent transfer. So permanent transfer order may please be given for TATA/ADTP from branch line section to work in main line.

13.Upgradation of Health Unit/DPS and BN-100 issue:- Upgradation of DPS health unit to a full fledged Hospital with provision of beds and other infrastructure for the treatment of DPS/JRLI Running Staff and all branch line staff. Child specialist and ladies gynie also may please be posted for staff welfare.

After introduction of UMID card in Railway, issue of BN-100 needs to be resolved as UMID card is the reliable identity of the employee. For taking treatment in the railway hospital or for sick/fit certificate UMID card may please be used instead of BN-100 as per new guideline to prevent harassment of the beneficiaries.

14. FSD installation in the Loco:- Sir, S. E. Rly Let. No.- EL/OPTG/Safety- 4, Dated- 29.12.2020, says that “As discussed during Safety Meeting at HQ on 29.12.2020, now it has been decided to issue Fog Pass Devices to freight train crew those working in fog prone sections”. Now in clear summer/rainy season these “fog prone sections” does not exist. It is necessary during foggy weather but is being forcibly issued to Loco running staff during Sign On. FSD must be installed in the Loco which is very essential item during foggy weather and order to issue fog safe device may please be withdrawn immediately in clear season.

15. Tool box should be provided in Loco:- As per Railway Board’s letter for provision of line box in loco itself so accordingly provide  the same as early as possible and till the completion of allocation the responsibility of line boxes should be taken by the Railway administration. Loco pilots are overburdened with their personal belongings, so, it is not possible for them to carry any extra load with them. Working the Train without the safety items related to safe working of Trains is  violation of GR 4.19. Therefore I request you kindly take necessary step to install tool box in the Loco as early as possible.

16.Request to deal LASIK case as per Estt. Srl. No.- 104/2019:- As per Estt. Srl. No.- 104/2019 if malingering is established, the employee is psychologycally not fit to remain in service and may be declared unfit in all categories as per para 512 (2), (ii). Other cases may please be deal as per latest Rly Board’s letter No. 2022/H/S/1INERDalbir Dated- 25/08/22 and may please be redeployed in alternative post as per his/her current medical fitness.

As such we solicit your kind intervention to our list of grievances with a high hope that you will be sympathetic to consider our genuine demands and take necessary steps and early redressal of grievances in the interest of better productivity, industrial peace and welfare of the frontline Running Staff.

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