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न्यूज हंट

DRM Kharagpur inspected the development work, gave instructions

DRM Kharagpur inspected the development work, gave instructions

KHARAGPUR. DRM Kharagpur, Shri K.R. Chaudhary along with divisional officers conducted a detailed inspection of ongoing development works, passenger amenities and safety aspects in the Kharagpur-Shalimar section.

During his inspection, Shri Chaudhary inspected the Panskura, Mecheda, Abada, Sankrail Goods Terminal Yard, Andul along with the Tikiapara Car shed. He also inspected the progress of the ongoing development works of the stations nominated to be develop as Amrit stations.

DRM Kharagpur inspected the development work, gave instructions

DRM inspecting Kharagpur development work

DRM Kharagpur gave necessary guidelines & instructions to the concerned supervisors to speed up the development works and also gave necessary inputs for enhancing the passenger amenities in the suburban stations.





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