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सीबीआई ने बारीपदा आरपीएफ आउट पोस्ट के इंस्पेक्टर को घूस लेते दबोचा

CBI had registered a case against the 07 accused on 23.07.2023. It was alleged that the accused demanded illegal gratification from private contractor for settling the pending matters related to approval of the design/ permission for beginning construction work, passing of due bills etc. of the said contractor. The accused allegedly demanded bribe of Rs. one lakh.

A trap was laid in which the Technician of Divisional office, WCR Bhopal and the Employee (GM) of Private Company based at Jabalpur, were caught while exchanging the alleged bribe of Rs. 50,000/-. Later, other three accused i.e. the Dy. Chief Engineer WCR; DGM  & Project Director of NHAI and another Employee of the Jabalpur based private company were also caught.

Searches were conducted at 13 places at Bhopal, Jabalpur, Katni, Chindwara, Indore, Rewa at the premises of accused which led to recovery of incriminating documents including property documents. A cash of Rs. 5.35 Lakh (approx.) & 149 gm (approx.) gold jewellery were recovered from the residence of Dy. CE, WCR and  600 gm (approx.) of the gold ornaments & 200 gm (approx.) silver ornaments were also recovered from the premises of DGM, NHAI.

All arrested accused were produced today before the Special Judge for CBI Cases at Bhopal and were remanded to Police custody till 28.07.2023.

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